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Ink Large Nixie Smart Clock

Ink Large Nixie Smart Clock

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Control your clock with your smartphone or home computer.

 Clock / Alarm
 Control with Phone
 Internet Time Sync
 Custom LED Color Control (RGB)
 Stopwatch and Timer
 Night Mode - Do Not Disturb
 12 hour / 24 hour Time Format
 Date Display
 Motion Detector
 LED Brightness Control
 Control Display Times and Timer/Stopwatch LED Colors
Configurable Cathode Poisoning 
 Each clock a numbered original
Designed, Programmed, Assembled, Shipped in USA

Nixie tubes, also known as cold cathode neon indicator tubes, were popularly used in the 1950s and 1960s as a type of electronic display. These unique and visually striking devices are now highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts due to their retro aesthetic and functional rarity.

Retro meets modern in this large nixie clock.  Own a piece of history with this showpiece for your home or office. Photos are of the clock being sold.

Top/Bottom Color:  Ink (paint)
Wood Stain: Oak


Sides: Wood (poplar)  with
Top/Bottom: plastic (painted or plain acrylic)


~11 in (Width) X ~3.83 in (Depth) X ~0.95 in (no lamps) (Height), ~3.5. in (with lamps) (Height)



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