Clock Features

Stained beech wood enclosure with custom plastic inset top/bottom
All settings configured via your phone/computer via a webpage 
Once you have configured your clock on the network - navigate to http://atxnx

Set Clock Settings


  • Sync with internet time servers to always display the correct time
  • 12/24 hour time display option
  • Date display (with date format options)
  • Alarm


Set Light Settings



  • LED colors and effects completely configurable (your choice of rainbow, single color and color cycle) - control speed of transitions!
  • LED brightness control


Set Display Settings


  • Control how long the clock displays date/time and how long it is dark (to save lamp life)
  • Motion detector (with configurable length) to save lamp life when no one is around
  • Dark Mode to turn off clock during a set time period (for use at night when you are sleeping and want complete darkness)
  • Control of LED colors for cathode effect
  • Control of cathode poisoning effect (slot, count up/down, etc..) as well as interval and speed!

Set Timer and Chronograph


  • Chronograph and Timer
  • Control of LED colors for chronograph and timer


Set Sound Settings

  • Alarm, Timer is zero tones can be muted

Reset Wifi

  • Wifi can be reset from the nixie clock web admin page