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Dune Medium Nixie Clock

Dune Medium Nixie Clock

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Retro meets modern in this medium nixie clock.  Designed/Programmed and Crafted by hand in Austin, TX USA from international parts.  Your clock is a numbered original with a certificate of authenticity by the original creator.  Own a piece of history with this showpiece for your home or office. Photos are of the clock being sold.

Top/Bottom Color:  Dune
Wood Stain: Maple

   Clock / Alarm
   Control with Phone
   Internet Time Sync
   Custom LED Color Control (RGB)
   Stopwatch and Timer
   Night Mode - Do Not Disturb
   12 hour / 24 hour Time Format
   Date Display
   Motion Detector
   LED Brightness Control
   Control Display Times and Timer/Stopwatch LED Colors
  Configurable Cathode Poisoning 
   Each clock a numbered original
  Designed, Programmed, Assembled, Shipped in USA

  • Wood (poplar) enclosure with plastic top/bottom (painted or plain acrylic)
  • Sync with internet time servers to always display correct time
  • LED colors and effects completely configurable (your choice of rainbow, single color and color cycle) - control speed of transitions!
  • Alarm
  • Chronograph and Timer
  • 12/24 hour time display option
  • Date display (with date format options)
  • Motion detector (with configurable length) to save lamp life when no one is around
  • Dark Mode to turn off clock during a set time period (for use at night when you are sleeping and want complete darkness)
  • LED brightness control
  • Control how long the clock displays date/time and how long it is dark (to save lamp life)
  • Control of cathode poisoning effect (slot, count up/down, etc..) as well as interval and speed!
  • Control of LED colors for cathode effect, chronograph and timer
  • All settings configured via your phone/computer via a webpage 
  • Wifi reset button located on bottom of clock
  • Multiple clocks can operate on the same network
  • Lamps are replaceable (must open clock to switch out)


Sides: Wood (poplar)  with
Top/Bottom: plastic (painted or plain acrylic)


~9 in (Width) X ~3.83 in (Depth) X ~0.95 in (no lamps) (Height), ~2.75 in (with lamps) (Height)



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